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The need to verify

There are many transactions and interactions that we do every day that we actually need the process of verification in order to complete them or assure that they are progressing in the right directions.

Most of these transactions are usually in the form of providing or acquiring documents, goods, products and/or services.  Others might be voluntary or compulsory acts or commitments that do require that we do them rightly and promptly.

Welcome to ‘ways to verify’.  You may be just a click away to landing on the right path to verifying your documents, goods, product and/or services of interest!  We understand and know that  people often don't know where, when or how to check for verification of an important item or service. It might be that the process of verification of the document in question requires only a phone call to the right office or person. 

Again, they might be in the form of providing and/or receiving critical and vital information.

There is therefore great need to ensure and assure that what is exchanged is correct, genuine, and appropriate and timely. This makes ‘how’, ‘why’, ‘when’, and ‘where’ about ‘verification’ processes more imperative, vital and indispensable!

An academician or student may need to ensure that what is publish do not violate copyright laws in his or her country or even internationally. There is therefore the need to verify copyrights status of many works including writings and music and Photography. 

Dedicated Team Help for You

Interestingly, the team here at "ways to verify" have found out that a great percentage of individuals who suffered one consequence or the other due to unverified information, services and/or goods did so out of ignorance or inability to access the means of verification needed. Imagine an investor in Antiques and Artefacts who do not bother to properly verify these items might end up being defrauded and ultimately suffer great financial loss!

We want to ensure you make it and that it is just a click away to the zone of your verifying that vital piece of information or product/services of concern to you. We are interested in giving you that feel of knowing you can be rightly, safely guided to ways of verifying anything legally and accurately. The choice would be yours! The benefits also would be yours!

Here, we are dedicated to providing and updating you with invaluable guidance and information on ways of verifying diverse and vast goods, products and services globally. This is more interesting as we also look forward to learning from  your own experiences at any legal verification processes of any kind if you volunteer to share!

Welcome again to ‘ways to verify ‘.

 Take an easy tour of the site and learn about

·       Why you need to verify

·       How to verify

·       When to verify

·       Where to verify

·       Ease of verification

·       Types of verification

·       Possible cost of verification(if any) 

Browse through our vast categories of products and services that can be verified. It is a collection of vast research into people’s experiences at verification of documents, products, goods, services and legal matters that just guide you into having a faster, safer, better experience at verifying whatever you are interested in.

We would also be updating and  x-raying peculiar verification demands, requirements and procedures, access, benefits, risks, according to:

·       Geographical Location (Continents, Countries, States, counties, Local governments, Regions, Districts, cities, towns, villages, streets etc.)

·       Professionalization (Legal, Medical, Engineering, Religious, Musical, Educational, Military, security, Entertainment, Sports, Transportation, Tourism, Photography, etc.)

·       Financial implications or cost (free verification, cheap verification categories, expensive versification

·       Mandatory or Optional verification

·       Duration/Time Frame( Specification of the length of time required to start and complete certain categories of verification, minimum and maximum time to wait or spend in specific verification procedures)

·       Service Providers (Categories of service providers in the industry. Certified and other service providers, Voluntary or mandatory service providers for the specific verification exercise in question.

Simple checks like that of confirming flight times can be done easily online or by phone contacts to the Airline Ticket companies. Most airline such as the British Airways, Virgin Airlines, etc. do have flight information in their websites for customers and relatives of their clients to access and be informed. Delays in Flights or early arrivals can be verified in these sites also.

You can also book or cancel your flights or verify the class of tickets offered to you by your travel agents etc. 

In today,s modern era, you can also learn about the basics of identifying and verifying Digital signatures or how to use them. Importantly too, it might about making vital decisions that involves identifying and verifying colours in order to make informed and best choices. You may need a gentle reminder on how to verify colours, what they stand for internationally, etc,

Avoid consequences of negligence to verify

The consequences of providing, obtaining, consuming or accepting unverified documents, goods and services can be sometimes devastating.

Examples of such avoidable consequences include loss of valuable time, loss of freedom (incarceration), loss of money and assets, loss of good health (as a result of accidents or disease impacts), denial of great career opportunities, denial of visas to travel to destinations of choice or business destinations, loss of cordial and healthy relationships with colleagues, family members or business partners etc.

For example, set of important documents for verification includes mortgage documents for diverse properties. 

Bank notes and coins also need verification in order not to be defrauded and paid with fake notes and coins. All currencies have security features embedded in them. These can be used by experts in verifying the genuine notes from counterfeits.  


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