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Mandatory Verification for Jobs and Placements


In the United States of America as well as some countries in the Europe such as the UK, France, Scotland etc., there is a mandatory background check or verification needed to be done on a potential employee before being granted legal permission to work or be employed. 

A typical background check is a review of a potential employee's commercial, criminal, and sometimes financial records. There are companies who specialized in employee background verification processes and offers solutions to firms and government on such matters.

The background check company will review the potential employee records to determine if they are legally free to work or have criminal records or not that can be used to determine their suitability for the job or post in question.

Thus mandatory verification or checks might look at records   that includes criminal history, employment record, credit history, driving record, and sometimes even medical history.

In some countries, it is an offence for potential employers to skip the mandatory verification or check of employees. This offence might attract

In the UK for example, the potential employer is expected to need to check that the documents are genuine, original and unchanged and belong to the potential employee; permits and the dates for the potential employee’s right to work in the UK have not expired; marital status, biodata and facial data are correct as stated by the potential employee.

Many countries are also careful to ensure that only verified individual undertake certain jobs that put minors or the elderly at potential risk of being abused or molested. This is applicable whether the vacancy is for employment or voluntary basis. In fact it is expected that anyone who has lived or worked in the UK or Scotland or is seeking for a visa should apply for the verification especially if so required by the employer or institution.

In the UK, Care Check provide three levels of Disclosure Barring Services DBS checks including an Enhanced DBS Check and each level tallies with the type of job role the applicant will fulfill.

Usually, an Enhanced DBS check is available for people working in roles that require frequent contact with children or vulnerable adults and who will be working in regulated activity within specified settings such as care homes, hospitals and schools.

This special verification will show all unspent and spent criminal convictions, warnings and reprimands and will not only be checked against the Police National Computer (PNC).

In the UK, a list 99 check details names of all people who have been barred or restricted from working with children by The Department for Education. Applicants who have history of violence, pedophiles or certain convictions are barred from being employed in these types of jobs relating to elderly and children.

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