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Verifying Precious Stones(Gems)

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Gemstone are really very expensive materials. They are often used by the rich and celebrities. Due to their extremely high demand, there is great temptations for criminals to fake gem stones and present inferior metals or ornaments as real gemstones. The pricing on precious stones is usually determined by an increasing demand for these gems with limited supply.

Listing a fake gem in the market or auctions do happen often, but this can be reduced or dwarfed if potential buyers or users learn about how to verify gem stones.  The first thing to learn about gems is their peculiar physical and chemical properties as mineral crystals which can be cut or polished to desired specific dimensions and shapes.

They are exotic stones and do generally have characteristics such as  being defect less, rarity, clarity,  as well as aesthetic beauty.

There is generally acknowledged list of gemstones. Example include Ruby, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Amber, Topaz, Amethyst, Pearl, etc.

Verification of Gemstones

Gem stones are verified for just one reason…to establish their value. They are exotic products that easily attract criminals in trying to present fake samples as the real ones just to make profit. The criteria for the verification should include:

·       Checking for the source of the gemstone to the market

·       Checking for its physical characteristics   (This may include checking for the established lustre, colour, crystal shape or system, transparency status or its level of opacity.

·       Checking for the chemical composition (Laboratory analysis of sample).

·       Gem Cutting Process: examine the effects on the value during the process of cutting to desired shape or sizes especially in making jewelry from gem stones.

It is advisable that the services of expert in identification of gem stones needs to be employed before purchase of gemstones. Just like antiques and antefacts business, the sales of gem stones had been regulated and monitored by different national and international agencies. Examples of such agencies include the The International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA), a non-profit organization. Others include 

Some states have regulations that determine how transactions relating to gem stones are conducted.  Verification processes for gemstones would therefore involve checking that all legal requirements for the importation (if any) or export (if any) or acquisition of the gem stone are perfectly done in accordance with the existing and relevant legislation within the jurisdiction in question. 

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