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Finding useful reliable information on how to verify information, documents, certificates, products, services etc., can sometimes be difficult, despite the many websites globally. 

 That is where we come in. waystoverify.com is a frequently updated, evidence-based website written and reviewed by researching people’s experiences in their quest to verify documents, products or services that are important to them or their career.

We work as a team and try as much as possible to:  

Provide up-to-date well researched information on common ways to help in your verification processes here. The information we provide here are however for information purposes alone and is not a substitute for a one-to-one consultation with relevant  constituted authority in your country or place of work or  laws in the jurisdiction relating to what you intend to verify. The focus is to guide you make your decision and choice in an informed manner.

Our Editor-in-chief and main contributor is Akpobire Oghenekome. (He is an academician and has a flare for research and writing in diverse subjects of interest).

Privacy Policy & Terms and Condition of Use 

We take your privacy really very important. We vow never to disclose any information about you that will make you easily identifiable.

This include the protection of your personal email address, unless you provide such on our forum, or comment box yourself.    We would never sell your email or details to anyone. Never

We advise users of our forum to post their query or comments freely but without their personal emails or telephone numbers on the comment box, as this could expose them to the risk of identity theft and we cannot in any way take responsibility for that

Email addresses posted on the requested email slots on our forms are never shown publicly; so please feel free to leave us your emails if requested, and we promise never to disclose this to a third party, as per our terms of use policy. 

Authenticity of   waystoverify.com’s Content

The site will only post authentic content you can trust. If we are not sure, it would not be so posted. The goal is to make this site as credible and reliable as possible, providing trusted information that can aid our readers in making decisions on ways to verify stated materials, services or documents.  

We therefore want to reiterate that this site is for information purposes only and we cannot and will not in any way whatsoever take responsibility for any damages that may arise from your use, or failure to use the information provided anywhere on this site.

Your use of this site is therefore construed as your total acceptance of these and all our Terms and Conditions of Use.

Many thanks again for visiting us. We really appreciate it. We hope you find this site useful and if you do, please let us know and tell others too.

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