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Ways to Verify Domain names with Ease!

There are increasing number of people using the web today who needs to own their own websites.

Building websites require some steps and this include buying and owning your own unique domain name. There are a plethora of companies out there who can aid or sell domain names to you. 

These companies are known as domain registrars. Examples include solo build it,

·       GoDaddy, Blue host,

·       123-Reg,

·       Dream Host ,

·       name.com,

·       hostgator

·       Namecheap

·       Solo Build it (sitesell.com)

·       Hover

·       WhogoHost

·       DomainKing     etc.

It is a mandatory step to verify your domain name with Google. This is required in Google maps and Google webmaster tool as a way of proving your ownership of the domain name.

Domain ownership verification methods include use of

·       “Meta tag”

·       “DNS record”

·       “Uploading file”, (FTP)

Usually, a pop up window will open after clicking on verify. Then login to your Domain Registrar’s account and once you login, Google site verification service will ask for accessing your account. Take the continue button and the pop-up will be closed, and your domain status will indicate verified in Google Webmaster tools.

Some domain registrars and web hosting companies such as Solo Build It( Sitesell.com) have integrated these processes in the packages for their potential customers

They help you fulfill the request by Google and Bing both asking to verify ownership of your site if you want to access information and tools in Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools. Solo Build It advises you that you can do that with either the Meta Tag method, or the File Upload method, which ultimately leads you verifying.

Many host providers or domain registrars have however made it quite easy. All you need to do is follow their instructions in their respective websites. For example

For many Registrars, the advice is the first step is to login to Google Webmaster tool and click on add a siteand enter your domain name (you will be required to select or name the Domain registrar that you bought the domain from), and on the next page you will be seeing recommended method for domain verification (then select the registrar’s name where you purchased the domain name) and click on verify.

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