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Verification and validation of Items

There is a difference between verification of items and validation of items. 

The major difference lies in the fact that verification checks if the item or items in question is truly what it is claimed to be.

Validation goes further to check if the same item is still useful and acceptable at the moment of its presentation.

The UK NARIC Example

There are institutions of Government as well as the private sectors that engage in professional verification services. A good example is the UK NARIC. This is the United Kingdom special agency set up to harmonize and verify the equivalents of foreign nationals’ educational and vocational qualifications.

UK NARIC services includes providing information, advice and opinion on the equivalents of academic, vocational and professional qualifications and skills from all over the world. In order words, verification and validation of foreign or externally acquired certificates in comparison to UK certificates and qualifications especially for those who wants to use those certifications to work in the UK and UK islands.

If you are A foreign national and you have plans to get a work permit in the UK, it is imperative that you apply or contact the UK NARIC who could verify and certify the equivalence of your qualifications prior to your applying for the job of interest.

You can contact the UK NARIC here.

According to the UK NARIC, The organization offers products and services in three main areas:

·      Services for individuals: The organization do provides comparison statements for people with international qualifications planning to work or study in the UK. The statements can be used by individuals to help them through the UK's immigration system, applying for a UK job or to enroll on an education course

·      Services for organizations: UK NARIC help academic institutions, businesses, recruitment and employment services and government departments from across the world by providing expert advice and datasets about international education systems and qualifications.

·      Consultancy: The organization also provides comprehensive and high quality consultancy services in the field of international education, offering practical solutions to a wide range of clients through bespoke research, analysis, capacity building and product development.


What should be verified or validated: Certificates, results and professional testimonial or documents

Why it should be verified and validated: To provide the owners of the se qualification acquired abroad with comparison statements that match them with UK acquired certificates or documents

When it can be verified or validated: Anytime, as soon as individual is ready 

Who can verify or validate item:   The UK NARIC  

Where it can be verified and validatedUK NARIC offices 

Other Remarks:

There are also many agencies in the United States  and Canada that verify credentials and certificates of foreigners seeking to work or get admission into schools in the countries. 

Generally, anyone who was educated outside of Canada, is required to have his/her certificates and/or diplomas assessed against Canadian education standards.

A verified and certified copy of the certificate by relevant Canadian Agencies would serve as  proof of Canadian equivalency when applying for a job in the  Canadian  service. The relevant agencies will compare any Foreign Educational Credentials to Canadian standards and make a judgement of their equivalents suitable for jobs or further educational pursuits in Canada.

There is information getting a Canadian equivalency of your certificate. The Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC) provides useful guides and links that can aid interested persons obtain an assessment of their educational, professional, and occupational credentials..

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