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Verifying Copyrights of Products and                                           Publications                                                   

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To be creative require a lot of energy, time and resources. It becomes naturally fair to acknowledge the fact that persons that create or invent an object, process or publication should be given exclusive rights to enjoy or lay claim to the object of their creation.

Often, the created object or product might have commercial and/or cultural values. Others might have religious values.  Professionals from diverse field have come to realize the harm stealing of other’s people’s work can create in the respective industries.

This may include discouragement for original owners to invest their time and talent in the future. It might also lead to loss of money or revenue for the original owner of creator of the product or service.

In the Academic world as well as the entertainment world, where someone’s work can be copied, it is commonly referred to as plagiarism

Teachers and students must be aware that there are many ways now available to check plagiarized works.

Many institutions have configured plagiarism tools specially designed to prevent the act in their campuses. Students and academic workers are advised to visit the school portal and make use of such free plagiarism checking tools,

Alternatively, there are many free plagiarism checker apps online.  Authors should utilized these apps and ensure their work appear as original as much as possible.

Many institutions as well as Governments frown at the practice. In many countries including the United Kingdom, United States of America, France, Germany, Israel, Canada, Russia, etc. there are laws that guard and guarantee protection of the rights of original content or products owners.

In the UK for example, the law gives the creators of works in the entertainment industry (music, broadcasting, film makers, photographers etc.) rights to control the ways in which their products or services are consumed by members of the public.

If you are a creator of any work of art or science of literary arts, there is need to protect and guard your ownership of the work. You may be required to verify that you are the original owner of the work, concept, publication or production.

Many countries have national laws that align with the international copyright laws aimed at protecting the rights of inventors and/or owners of rights to a work.

For example, the selling or renting or lease of unauthorized copies of media, software, movies, or paintings violates copyright laws.  The definition of “Unauthorized” covers materials or works such as pirated, duplicated, or plagiarized copies.

It should be noted that copyrights can be transferred from one person to another or to a corporate body and vice versa. Generally, copyrights can be sold, traded, or inherited by others.  However, the proper legal arrangements and documentation needs to be done and kept safely for proof and verification when demanded by appropriate authority.

In the UK, the following contacts are involved in services relating to copyrights protection and registration. They include:

·       Intellectual Property Office ·       and the  Copyright Licensing Agency     

Other relevant agencies relating to copyright and plagiarism matters include:

The UK Copyright Service 

There are online copyright protection crusades globally. Giant Tech companies and marketers such as eBay do undertake verification processes for their client in order to protect them and also prevent possible litigation from marketing products from persons who do not actually own them. Example of such programs include the eBay’s Verified Rights Owner Program.

Selling online can be really easy but it makes it easier to market copyright products if not monitored or verified.

Verification of copyrights status of any service or product is therefore imperative for both the owners as well as potential consumers who may purchase the product or service. One of the measures online marketing companies adopt is to delist a product or service advertised or put online for sales if the copyright of such is in dispute or not verified as required by either the applicable national laws or international laws.

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